Flame Burger ‘N’ Grill

(This burger joint has permanently ceased its operation as of September 2013)
1139 Glen Huntly Road
Glen Huntly 3163
Victoria Australia
03 9077 1495

A Worthy Burger Joint For The South Eastern Suburb

It has been couple of weeks since I first discovered this brand new burger joint in Urbanspoon accidentally while searching for another restaurant to go to. Since then, I have been telling myself to give Flame Burger N Grill a try. There were only 2 reviews here before my visit and I was quite skeptical about the 2 good reviews written about this place. Maybe it was written by the owner or friends of the owner. My whole perception changed when I took a bit of the nicely presented burger in front of me.

I ordered the Colorado Burger (not knowing what to order, I just adhered the previous reviewer’s recommendation), which to my surprise came with chips and a bottled drink (from Coke to fruit juices to mineral water). All these for merely $8.50! What a deal! Who needs Macca’s if you can have Flame Burger N Grill?

The burger and chips are served on a piece of wooden board, exactly like the photos posted here. A steak knife pierce through the burger, which is quite cool but it also helps hold the burger together. The sauce for the chips is nicely spread out on the board and the shoe string chips are in a small container. The sauce looks nice but I didn’t quite like it as there is too little sauce to dip the chips into by doing the spread. I am pretty sure if you request for more sauce in a proper container, they can do it for you.

It is about time that the South Eastern suburbs start to have a burger place like this. Every time I crave for a good burger; I have to go all the way to Albert Park, Collingwood or Fitzroy. The Colorado burger taste as good if not better than the other famous burger joints. But I have to say Andrew’s Hamburger is still top on my burger list. Just like the other reviewer described, the meat used in the patties is sourced from very good beef suppliers and the buns are from the famous Noisette. The burger looks beautiful and just tasted quite refined; not greasy and not drippy. You can taste that high quality ingredients were used to produce this ~12cm in height and ~10cm in diameter burger. I really like the buns. It is not those cheap buns that are commonly used at other places. The batter for the onion rings is a bit too thick to my liking but they are super, super crunchy. Two thumbs up for the burger. The chef highly recommends me to try the lamb burger in my next trip. I will … I definitely will.

Burger and chips 1

Burger and chips 1

Burger and chips 2

Burger and chips 2

Shoestring chips. I would have preferred a thicker cut chips like steak chips. The chips are sprinkled generously with spices (similar to the ones you find in Salsa’s). The chips are alright but the real star of the show is the burger, which is what I am after at the first place.

Flame Burger N Grill is owned and operated by Samin and Vicky (I think this is the right spelling of her name). Samin carries with him 10 years of chef experience from other famous eateries. He is very friendly, down-to-earth and a nice character to chat with. I am taken by his passion for what is served; he puts high importance in quality and he does what he does with love. Apart from burgers (chicken, beef, lamb and fish), Samin does chicken parmas as well.

Flame Burger N Grill is bright, modern and fresh – mixture of red and white colour. No fuss place, unassuming; you just have the urge to go in, sit down, relax and enjoy your nice and simple meal. Easily accessible by car (ample of car parks), tram #67 and public buses.

This is the new kid on the block with potential to be the talk of the town. Just watch out. I am pretty sure Samin has a lot more tricks hidden up his sleeves and I can’t wait to see what he brings next on the menu.

Well done Flame Burger N Grill!

Food: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 5/10
Value: 9/10
1 – 2 : Avoid at all cost | 3 – 4 : Bad | 5 – 6 : Average | 7 – 8 : Good | 9 – 10 : Excellent
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