Gangnam Pocha

141 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000
Victoria Australia
03 9078 8882


Nice Food And Venue But Not Authentic Korean

This is one the latest hip and trendy Korean pub/bar/restaurant located right in the centre of Melbourne CBD. By using PSY’s face in some of the marketing materials (not sure if they paid PSY the royalty fee) and partly named the restaurant after PSY’s megahit single ‘Gangnam Style’, this place will surely attract the curious minds of foodies who are after some Korean cuisine.

My colleagues and I had cravings for some spicy Korean food for lunch and I suggested Gangnam Pocha. Nothing beats some spicy food to warm up a chilly day in Melbourne.

I ordered the grilled salmon with rice (not very Korean isn’t it) while my colleagues ordered more authentic Korean dishes. We shared a plate of Korean rice cakes with seafood kimchi spicy sauce. As for drinks, we shared a bottle of Soju. Unanimously, we agreed that the food is not authentically Korean.

Korean rice cakes with seafood kimchi sauce

Korean rice cakes with seafood kimchi sauce

Rice with grilled salmon

Rice with grilled salmon

The place is spacious and cosy enough as the place for you to hang out with friends for a meal, some snacks and drinks. The restaurant setting is quite Victorian-like. There is even a big projector screen with Korean MTVs playing at the left side (far back end) of the restaurant.

Overall, the food in Gangnam Pocha is decent and not bad at all. However if you are looking for authentic Korean food, I would suggest for you to look elsewhere.

Food: 6/10
Service: 5/10
Ambience: 9/10
Value: 4/10
1 – 2 : Avoid at all cost | 3 – 4 : Bad | 5 – 6 : Average | 7 – 8 : Good | 9 – 10 : Excellent

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