68 Degrees Coffee & Food

Shop H, Healeys Lane
Melbourne 3000
Victoria Australia
04 2355 0973
I ended up at this new cafe on Healeys Lane with 6 of my office colleagues when one of our favourite Korean restaurant on Healeys Lane was closed on Friday.

Their service is average and is bad for some of us. One of my colleague waited for 20 minutes for her order, only to be asked “What did you order we will make it now”. This indicated that the management of this cafe is quite disorganised.

I ordered the Soft Shell Crab Curry Laksa. When my order came, I was shocked to see how big was the serving bowl and the generous serving in it. It came with 2 soft shell crabs. Apart from the generous serving, there’s nothing to shout about the curry laksa. The soup lacks flavour and quite watery. My taste buds told me the cook added sodium to the soup just to save whatever remains of the tasteless soup. Overall, you can easily find better curry laksa than the one offered here, elsewhere in Melbourne.

Lastly, 68 Degrees seems to be sharing the same premise with Bamsae Night Birds. Asian cafe during daytime and Korean at night.

Shop Front

Shop Front

Soft Shell Crab Curry Laksa

Soft Shell Crab Curry Laksa

Food: 6/10
Service: 6/10
Ambience: 6/10
Value: 9/10
1 – 2 : Avoid at all cost | 3 – 4 : Bad | 5 – 6 : Average | 7 – 8 : Good | 9 – 10 : Excellent

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