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445 Swanston Street
Building 80 RMIT
Melbourne 3000
Victoria Australia
03 9995 4655

A Hippy Modern Sandwich/Sub

Discovered this place while browsing for a new joint in Melbourne CBD to have lunch with my work mates. Hero is fairly new … just opened early August 2013. I phoned them last week but unfortunately their kitchen was undergoing repair and closed.

Arranged for another lunch outing today and was quite happy to see Hero is back in action. Hero is located pretty near Wonderbao … just right across the adjacent street.Had to queue and wait for 15 minutes before I received my takeaway order. However the staff were super friendly, cool and hippy to cancel out my woes due to the wait.

When I saw Hero’s sandwiches on their website, their sandwiches made me salivate. For the actual Hero sandiwch, I had to turn my expectation level a few knobs down.

I ordered the #Kidroyale (half size) and mapple & chipotle bbq drumettes (3 pieces).



If I want to be really critical, I would say that the sandwiches were nothing out of this world … they tasted interesting vs. other typical sandwiches but not enough to make me craving for more. The baguette is so so … have had better baguettes than the ones served at Hero though and I don’t think the onion rings are good enough to compliment a good sandwich that #Kidroyale ought to be. The fillings are not properly packaged with the baguettes till you have an unequal bites of bread vs. fillings. And the sauce … dripped all the way down to my hands. Definitely not refined.

The drumettes are alright … not that hard to replicate at home if you really wanted to.

If you can ignore my criticality, Hero is a new sandwich joint that I think anyone who is after a quick bite of sandwich should try. They give your traditional sandwich a new makeover. However, you should not be putting your hopes up too high. They make decent sandwiches, ones that I won’t be shouting about or eat all the time.

Food: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: 6/10
1 – 2 : Avoid at all cost | 3 – 4 : Bad | 5 – 6 : Average | 7 – 8 : Good | 9 – 10 : Excellent
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